I am an entrepreneur and professional dive instructor and explorer based on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico.

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I am an entrepreneur and professional dive instructor

I am an entrepreneur and professional dive instructor and explorer based on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico. I left Mexico City, where I was born and raised, and a career in tax accounting 15 years ago to pursue my life-long passion, SCUBA diving.

Javier Salas


After spending the better part of two years traveling mostly through Central America teaching diving and exploring I settled in the tiny town of Xcalak, the southernmost tip of the Mexican Caribbean Coast, on the border with Belize; where I took over XTC Dive Center, then a tiny dive center taking divers out to the Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve and diving the local reefs of the Xcalak Reef National Park.


Through organic growth and innovation my team have grown the company into a diversified tourism holding company that owns and manages multiple businesses in the SCUBA Diving, watersports, excursion, hotel, restaurant and bar (food service) and tour operator sectors with a heavy focus on sustainably run and vertically integrated business models.


Besides running and growing The Chilam Group I am an avid Technical Diver and still very much enjoy sharing my passion for diving caves or deep walls (on open circuit SCUBA and Rebreathers) with others, even after having taught over 2,000 people to date.
Over the years I have been and continue to be involved in and have supported multiple conservation projects. I am a board member at Saving our Sharks, the leading shark-conservation nonprofit in Mexico, and have been a member of multiple marine protected area´s advisory boards.
I have also participated in producing multiple natural history documentaries for the likes of National Geographic, the BBC, Animal Planet, ITV, Wild of Omaha and many others.
I am currently focused on leveraging the experience, insights and skills I have acquired over the years to become a key contributor in putting sustainable eco-tourism at the forefront of governmental and private plans for tourism development while continuing to work at the intersection of business, conservation and activism.

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Adventure travel and hospitality partners

Based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, with operations throughout the Yucatán Peninsula, The Chilam Group owns and actively manages adventure travel and hospitality businesses in the scuba diving, fly fishing, cultural excursion, watersports, beach resort and inbound tour operator markets.

XTC Dive Center is a top-rated, PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center and Resort located in Xcalak, Mexico
Maya Blue offers daily tours and exceptional training in snorkeling, freediving or cavern diving.
Yucatan Dive Tek is a full-service Technical Diving operation located on the Mexican Caribbean coast.
full service tour operator offering the best in-water experiences in the Yucatan
Dark Zone Diving (DZD) is a full-service Technical diving facility located in Xpu-Ha, in the heart of the Riviera Maya´s Cave Country
TRA is a premier dive operation based in Mexico´s Yucatan Peninsula that was created specifically for, and focuses exclusively on, CCR diving
Bat House Café and Maya Blue Restaurant are located in Xpu Ha, in the heart of the Riviera Maya;
With stunning views over the Caribbean Ocean, The Coral Bar and Grill is located next to the XTC Dive Center resort in Xcalak, Mexico.


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